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August 12, 2015

#WebSeries: Till Freedom Comes – Episode 1

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Her whole body was shaking by the time she was done. She tried hard to stop her body from trembling but couldn’t. The sight of dark red liquid everywhere around her made her head swim and she wanted desperately to throw up.

“You should clean up and get out of here before someone comes in or before his neighbor comes in”

She looked around to see a lady that looked exactly like her except she was not stained and wore clothes she would never be caught in; black jeans ripped at the thighs and knees, black crop top, a black leather jacket with ankle length boots. With a burning cigarette in one hand and her phone in the other, she looked like a high priced celebrity; probably an actress or a hip hop singer.

“Sorry, who are you? How did you get in here?”

“Really? You’re going to ask all that now? When you have more serious problems on your hand? Didn’t you hear what I said, clean yourself up and get the hell out of here before someone walks in.”

“Why advice her to do such a thing? She should report this to the police and not try to run away from her mess.”

Another replica of her spoke up. She was so shocked that she jumped when she heard the voice. The lady wore a dark brown mid length bodycon skirt that accentuated her hips and big backside with a cream colored camisole that matched her blazer and court shoes. The way she walked and talked made her look like prim and proper yet formidable. She sat on a chair; disgust etched on her face.

“Who the hell are you too? How did you get inside here? And how come you look so much like me?” she tried hard to not sound confused and afraid but failed.

“Sweetie, that should not bother you. You should be bothered about getting yourself out of this hot mess you got yourself in to.”

High priced celebrity replica said but was cut short by formidable replica.

“Oh come on, don’t be so silly Kate. Either she runs or not, justice will still catch up with her. So, why shouldn’t she just report herself to the police now? At least she can come up with believable lies like self defense or something like that. Running won’t solve a thing.

“Oh shut up, Dee. This is Nigeria honey; you can get away with almost any kind of crime. You’re a big shot na. Who wan touch you sef?”

She looked at both of them as they go on and on about what she should do.  Her head began to ache so badly, her chest hurt terribly and she felt like she was going to faint. She unfastened the first button on her shirt and fanned herself with her hand. She was going insane, that was certain. The horrible stench of death hovered in the air and the strangers that looked like her were screaming at themselves, arguing about what the right thing to do was assured her that she was going crazy. She closed her eyes, wishing she could turn back the hands of time. Images flooded her head and tormented her till she could no longer take it anymore. She opened her mouth to scream but two hands covered her mouth.

“that is a very wrong thing to do at the moment”, Kate; the high priced celebrity replica said and rolled her eyes.

Dee; the formidable one, nodded her head in agreement and patted her shoulders.

“Kate is right. Screaming won’t solve as regretting wont too. You have to focus on the way forward and not wallow in the past. That will just make you more disoriented and that’s not what you need at the moment.”

“yeah, you need a glass of something strong. Where do you stash those exotic bottles of whiskey you hide from your late lunatic husband?”

Kate asked and took a long drag on her almost burnt out cigarette. She looked at the cigarette and offered it to her

“Or will you prefer this?”

“Kate, not the cigarette. She has quit smoking a long time ago. But the drink is an awesome idea. You can get me one glass too.”

She looked awestruck at the women and forgot about her problems for a while. Those women looked so much like her and knew a lot about her.

hold on, who are you guys?”

She felt her voice rise a notch higher than she had intended and heard the quaver in it. She wanted to hit her palm on her forehead for letting her fear shine through. One of the things she had prided herself upon was hiding whatever she was feeling perfectly but at the moment, she felt the walls breaking and her fear and confusion evident for everyone to see. The two women looked at as if she just said something funny but it was Kate that spoke up.

“Tam, are you kidding? You don’t know us? Like for real?”

“Kate, maybe it’s the situation that has somehow managed to wipe out her memory or she is just messing with us so we can leave her alone”

                “that had better be it. If not ehn, I will just make you join your loser husband in a blink of an eye”

                “Kate, don’t be so aggressive na. Tam here is just going through a lot. Just pardon her.”

“hey, you guys should just stop it. I’m being serious here. Who the hell are you guys?!!!”

Tam screamed, unable to hold herself any longer. Kate looked at her with eyes that could kill and took a long drag on her cigarette. Dee shook her head and went to Tam’s side.

“oh honey”, she said as she patted her rough her hair down with her well manicured hands, “what has that sick man done to you? You’ve lived in his shadows for so long that he made you forget who you are or the people in your life”

She sighed heavily and looked at Tam with such pity that made Tam almost break down in tears. Kate stood up and came to her side, rubbing her palms up and down her arm. Both ladies held her close in a warm embrace that made her feel safe; something she had not felt in ages. she felt tears wet her cheeks and a warm soft hand wiping them away.

“it’s going to be alright, love. It’s going to be alright. We are here to help you, we’ve always been”



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