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May 26, 2017

Shady Bizniz, Jumar, Hench & Dugod – Movement Of the People Album (MOP)

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Written by: Quebex
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The album features the incredible talents of 4 of Nigeria’s talents: Shady Bizniz, Jumar, Hench and Dugod. Shady Bizniz crafts the sounds that provide the perfect platform and backdrop for the story telling and melodies. Jumar’s voice rides over and blends with each song to draw in the listener. Dugod and Hench go toe to toe, with top of the notch verses and gripping delivery. These 4 artistes play off each other to present an album that is an unbridled and passionate journey through a neighborhood created by urban music.

On an album this good, each song stands alone, yet blends with the others to create a tapestry bigger than itself. It’s a delightful mix of melody, rhythm and storytelling that covers a multitude of themes. Love. Sex. Work. Inspiration… Stories as old as humanity, told with a modern flair.

This project is bold, exciting and expertly done. It’s a sonic explosion that captures the hopes, dreams and experiences of youth around the world. It’s a project that proclaims: this is us. This is what we want. Listen.

This is music to drive to, work to, love to. This is the soundtrack to a tomorrow that is starting today. This is the Movement Of the People.




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by Quebex



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