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June 16, 2017

Is Having a Babymama a Prerequisite for Stardom? 

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Written by: Nesiama Esther
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Trends are quick to catch on in Nigeria. Once somebody does a thing and it’s successful or enjoys a favourable response, a lot of people tend to follow suit. It happens in a business environment, religion, even in politics. And the story is not different either in the music industry.

Years back, the music business wasn’t as attractive as what it is today. Then, those who were in the industry were seen as never-do-well people. This negative perception continued until ‘2face’ emerged on the scene.

That was when a lot of people started showing interest in music. The industry started booming, and many abroad based Nigerian musicians started returning home to identify with the new trend. The bandwagon effect.

Today, the industry has become an all comers affairs with a lot of young people dropping out of school to pursue a career in music. Those who tried to go to school, have since dumped their certificates and embraced music.

But this is not the only bandwagon effect in the Nigerian music scene. There is the baby daddy culture that is becoming a new way of life among the present day musicians. The syndrome is ‘a new culture of impregnating a woman without marrying her before hand.

Every time we turn around, another celebrity turns up with a Babymama. Even the ones you least expect. I mean, what happened to having a Baby when you are ready to settle down and get married? One begins to wonder if the Babymama syndrome is some sort of prerequisite for being a successful artiste.

What do you think about this?

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